About Rigby Capital - A Better Way to Fund IT

About Rigby Capital

Several years ago it became clear that the transition taking place in the IT market, not least in terms of how businesses consume their IT services, had created a gap between what vendors and service providers offered and what their customers now needed.

Rigby Capital was launched with the sole purpose of filling that gap through specialising in supporting the economic impact of consumption-based technology service solutions, alongside traditional IT financing solutions.

Our experienced team, backed by one of the UK’s most trusted family-owned, public limited companies, are commercially oriented, transparent and unique in our approach. We specialise in asset-inclusive services payment structures and software-aligned subscription models. This meets a common challenge facing many of our partners: how to provide a beneficial solution to customers that resolves their cashflow and revenue recognition conflicts.

It is a business strategy that has delivered exactly what the market required, with the increasing demand for our services demonstrating the need for our new approach to technology financing. As a result, we have quickly built up a wide portfolio of customers across all industries, have established close relationships with a growing number of business partners and already have plans to expand into Europe.