Asset management from Rigby Capital - A Better Way to Fund IT

Asset management

Our new Asset Management service provides you with asset level reporting functionality via our online portal. In addition to being able to record details including age, original purchase price or lease terms, configuration and location of all assets, you can also enjoy comprehensive monitoring including discovery tracking of your complete portfolio.

What makes our service different?

Unbiased, brand and vendor neutral service

Unbiased, brand and vendor neutral service regardless of your original supplier or lessor — and which works across all hardware and software solutions

Web-based portal

Web-based portal — a live system asset management dashboard, with the additional benefit of a dedicated contact to help complete your initial set-up and data upload, along with ongoing support should you ever need them

Variable pricing options

Variable pricing options — dependent on size of estate and asset type, based on a ‘price per asset’ per month.

You get complete visibility of your entire IT portfolio to aid cost savings, work-efficiency, compliance and asset governance — for the whole lifecycle, from acquisition to end of lease or useful life.  For more information, download our overview.