Financial solutions provided by Rigby Capital - A Better Way to Fund IT

Our partnership approach with vendors and partners means we can create bespoke financing solutions based on individual customer needs. This takes into account the business strategy, cashflow, working capital, technology requirements and other factors unique to every customer.

There is little we cannot finance when it comes to IT deployment-related costs, including hardware, software and even, in some cases, delivery and installation charges.

IT Devices

Device-based consumption models (X-as-a-Service / XaaS)

We specialise in asset-inclusive service payment, which can be structured from 12 to 72 months, and can include Device, Infrastructure, Print and/or Mobile-as-a-Service. Our priority is to structure the right deal for your customer based on usage over ownership, quality and service level. By moving away from a traditional balance sheet valuation, we can unlock greater capacity and flexibility within their existing IT budgets.


Software financing

Two different models can be tailored to your individual customer need. An ‘as-a-service’ software aligned subscription model, which delivers a flexible proposition that allows for additional users and assumes end user credit risk. Where that is not appropriate, we can also provide a traditional format offering perpetual capability for a specific transaction.


Flex Start

A project roll-out facility with a lease or cash option, which captures and manages spend throughout the implementation period, providing a procurement agency facility for end customers with consolidated monthly reporting. Interim interest is charged on outstanding balance.


Asset Management-as-a-Service

Designed to help our customers manage the economic life of their IT estates more efficiently, through our new online ‘always on access’ offering asset-level reporting, discovery tracking, lease or end of useful life management (or even the balance in-between), regardless of brand or original supplier — on a ‘price per asset’ per month basis.

Asset Management

IT Leasing

If you prefer standard IT leasing services, these can also be provided across hardware, software and services, which converts capital expenditure to ease cashflow. It provides an additional credit capacity without affecting credit lines, with no secondary security required. As with the ‘as-a-service’ solutions, it eliminates disposal concerns at end of life.

IT Leasing