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Impressive financial performance for Rigby Capital after first full year of operation

Specialist technology leasing and finance business Rigby Capital, wholly owned by Rigby Group plc, celebrates impressive first year financial results and promising future outlook.

Now only in its second year, Rigby Capital’s innovative financing models are helping increasing numbers of private and public sector customers to accelerate capital, bring forward budgets and de-risk their technology investments. The company is enjoying annual growth in terms of business activation in excess of 70% and strong levels of operating profit, resulting in its board’s delight with the company’s progress and financial performance. 

The revenue growth was driven by close collaboration with group companies, SCC, M2 and Nuvias, in addition to relationships with new external partners (such as Actifio), as a response to the increased demand for aaS (asset as a Service) within the IT market.  Rigby Capital recognises that changing market dynamics has created a need for a new model which addresses the rise of service-based IT models extending especially across telecoms, print and mobility technologies – providing a unique differentiator, particularly where budgets are challenging.

Managing Director, Nigel Jenkins, says “our success to date is due to our ability - through years of experience across both the finance and IT markets - to be able to build transparent, client-specific funding solutions from scratch to address the shift to service-driven solutions, without being constrained by traditional or legacy lessor requirements. Through the support of the Rigby Group, we can work differently to standard financing providers by turning the customer business requirement on its head and creating a bespoke funding solution to enable their business technology objectives.  We also pride ourselves on what we can facilitate for our partners and customers, and on our ease of doing business. Our future is really bright and we are looking forward to building on our success by expanding our team of funding consultants and further developing our partner base in the technology sector, whilst focusing on our risk and credit expertise, enabled through the latest process automation.”

How we can help you invest in your technology

Increasingly, the right technology strategy and the associated commercial and economic terms can result in the success or failure of a business or a project.

At Rigby Capital, we work differently by providing the right financial solutions to support your long-term IT strategy. For more information, check out our latest Customer Overview here.