Rigby Capital's approach to financing IT

Our approach

Traditional IT lessors are constrained by conventional lending methods and internal policies. Here at Rigby Capital, the reason we established the business was to bring a new, consultative approach to the technology financing market and to partner with vendors to deliver affordable, effective solutions for their customers.

The benefits to you of our unique, commercially-oriented approach, are founded on:

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Stable parentage

We are a member of the Rigby Group of companies, established in 1975 and with a strong, financial track record

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Transparency of process and documentation

Simple pricing and commercial structures makes it easier and quicker for end customers to evaluate the options and make a more informed, long term commitment decision. For our partners, we reconcile paperwork into clear, concise bundles and provide advance expiry notice to aid account management

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Efficient economics

‘Master rental agreements’ or ‘schedules’ are facility, admin and arrangement fee free and transactions are based on individual customer requirements, usage, deployment and end of term capabilities. Prompt payments benefit partners through improved cashflow and we help address common revenue recognition issues

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Long term intent

Our partnership approach as a trusted adviser builds long customer relationships that transcend single transactions

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Disposal support

We support the principle of efficient asset disposal at the end of its useful life. Removing disposal costs from the budget and planning process in advance can have a significant economic impact for the end customer

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We are completely independent and can therefore give you an unrestricted choice of products and vendors

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Brand relevance

The Rigby brand is highly valued and we take extreme care to ensure that nothing we do undermines their reputation or respective position in any market or customer segment

The reason Rigby Capital was created was to help unlock the value in customer businesses, bring something new to the market and support vendors to address their challenges.
It’s a business model that means we all win.