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Executive Review 2019

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The evolution of technology continues to accelerate and disrupt traditional markets. While the businesses that rely on IT for survival and prosperity are wary of disruption, a major change is taking place in how they purchase, operate and consume IT services.

Migration to the cloud and the transition from buying IT to consuming it as-a-service is only going in one direction. But as this business transformation gains pace, it is creating a gap between what vendors and service providers deliver and what their customers are now demanding.

At Rigby Capital we focus exclusively on financing IT projects. That's why we were quick to recognise the funding barriers to this change. We have created innovative financing solutions that work for all parties in the new as-a-service economy.

Our approach is different.

Most importantly we allow vendors to offer customers what they want, but without undermining the economic model that has served them and their channel well. With the market in transition, we work closely with each vendor to design a tailored delivery mechanism, so the sales team can execute against demand seamlessly and under their own brand. Vendors still recognise the revenue and manage cash flows efficiently, while releasing the inherent burden of credit risk from annuity contracts.

We combine strong business foundations and unmatched experience, with our innovation, agility and ongoing commitment to enable progress. This puts Rigby Capital in a unique position to support the fast-moving migration to consumption-based technology.

In fact, in just over four years, Rigby Capital is already one of the leading IT lessors in Europe and we are only just at the start of the journey.

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Harnessing change

IT traditionally comes in a box, financed by large up-front capital payments. As we transition to the as-a-service market, the subscription model is becoming the preferred means of consuming IT, offering a more flexible, cost-efficient and transparent way to maximise return on investment.

With uncertain global market conditions and fluctuating exchange and interest rates, the attraction of this model is becoming even more compelling.

The Traditional Business Model

The Rigby Capital Model

While the way technology is delivered is changing, financing IT spend remains the top priority for the C-suite. Rigby Capital helps vendors, suppliers and enterprise customers change the way they have been transacting IT solutions for the last 30 to 40 years and embrace the as-a-service future.

Our innovative subscription-based funding model covers any amount of hardware, software, maintenance and services and can be tailored to fit individual business needs. This means that we help vendors and the resellers to win contracts and ensure that their customers are able to discover the true benefits of the as-a-service approach by spreading the cost of investment over time. The process is transformational.

"Organisations do not need big cash outlays and can keep their options open to react rapidly to the changing business and technology environment. Vendors retain capital payments up front, while resellers and integrators enjoy recurring revenues"

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Building on strong credentials

Our experienced team at Rigby Capital is backed by the Rigby Group plc, one of the UK's most trusted and well-governed, family-owned, public limited companies, which operates a £1.8billion portfolio of highly successful businesses across Europe and the Middle East.

Rigby Group

Rigby Group prides itself on five core principles:

Operational excellence

Operational excellence

Independent thinking

Independent thinking

Building partnerships

Building partnerships

Working with passion

Working with passion

Caring for it's stakeholders

Caring for it's stakeholders

This is reflected in the trusted relationships we build with our customers and partners and our commitment to harness new opportunities to facilitate growth

Our success in responding rapidly to industry change and meeting new market requirements is driving increasing demand for our innovative approach to financing IT projects.

Four-fold increase in demand for our solutions over the last four years
137% Growth in the last 12 months
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Delivering on strategy

At Rigby Capital, our mission is to help our partners to deliver on their strategies. We listen, consult and never dictate. We have to earn the right and the trust to justify our partnerships.

So, whether you are a funding provider, vendor, supplier or end-user customer for IT, we have the expertise, knowledge and skills to break down the financial barriers and facilitate new go-to-market sales and consumption models. We can increase efficiencies, add value and create a strong return on investment for IT projects.

The success of our strategy can be seen in our growing portfolio of major funding organisations, leading international IT vendors and their channel partners, along with both global enterprise customers and government organisations.

By bridging the funding gap created by as-a-service transformation, we allow IT vendors and suppliers to harness these opportunities, adapt to the changing needs of their customers and stay ahead of the competition.

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The Rigby Capital leadership team

People are the foundation of our success. By working with us you will benefit from the extensive knowledge and skills of our senior team who draw on experience with companies such as HP Financial Services, Microsoft Financing, Xerox, ECS, Lombard and Cisco Capital as well as major blue chip brands, government bodies and charitable organisations.

Nigel Jenkins

Nigel joined the Rigby Group in 2014 to launch Rigby Capital with a strong background in financial services with Hewlett Packard, Microsoft Financing and Cisco Capital. With a track record of building and transforming sales operations to deliver revenue growth, Nigel leads the Rigby Capital team.

Chris Gleasure, Commercial Director

Chris is a highly experienced asset finance professional with experience of launching and building a range of leasing and financing businesses. Focused and energetic, Chris joined Rigby Capital in early 2015. His experience includes growing successful operations for Lombard, ECS and Xerox in Ireland before managing sales teams at Xerox and Hitachi. Chris leads the Rigby Capital sales and business development team and is responsible for shaping our as-a-service proposition.

Simon Everidge, Operations Director

Simon has extensive experience of funding technology solutions across the whole IT supply chain, having worked at Dell and GE Capital for many years. He has also considerable Lean Six Sigma expertise within the field of operational excellence, gained within GE Capital and Unipart amongst others. Simon is responsible for managing the operations team at Rigby Capital, while devising and driving back-office innovation and process improvement strategies to support future growth plans.

John Taylor, CEO Rigby Capital Europe, Portfolio Director Rigby Group

John joined Rigby Group following the sale of M2 to SCC - Rigby Group’s main technology business. Prior to this he worked with private equity investor, ECI llp and as MD of Lex Vehicle Leasing. After several years supporting Rigby Group businesses and helping to shape the formation of Rigby Capital, John is now CEO of Rigby Capital Europe.

Steve Rigby, Chief Operating Officer, Rigby Group

In addition to his role as Chief Operating Officer for the Rigby Group, Steve heads up the group’s Real Estate and Financial Services divisions. He is also responsible for finance, M&A and the family office investment portfolio. Steve sits on the boards of Technology and Airport businesses and chairs the boards Rigby Capital as well as Rigby & Rigby, Rigby Technology Investments and Rigby Private Equity.

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